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What type of accommodation does PCP Housing provide?

A single room in a shared house with communal kitchen & living area.

How is PCP Housing funded

PCP Housing is funded through housing benefit payments. It is likely that you will need to have an active claim for JSA, ESA or similar state benefits in order to qualify.

Am I responsible for Utilities, Council Tax, TV Licence?

No these are included in the housing benefit claim.

What furniture is provided?

PCP Housing will provide all essential furniture, white goods and TV etc in the communal area.

Am I allowed visitors?

Yes - however to maintain a safe living environment overnight stay is not permitted.

What happens if I drink alcohol or use drugs?

You will immediately be asked to leave.

How long can I stay for?

There is no limit to the amount of time you can stay. However, our goal is to help you move towards fully independent living.

How You Can Help Us

As a registered charity PCP Supported Housing want to be able to help as many people in need as possible.

You may be wondering - “How Can I Help?”

For a start not every individual that is homeless is addicted to alcohol and drugs. There are some that have suffered from addiction but despite their adversities have managed to find recovery. Whilst this is rare, it does happen!

These are exactly the type of people that we want to help. Help us to help give them a stable home where their recovery won’t be threatened on a daily basis. The streets are a very unforgiving place to live and hostels aren’t drug and alcohol free.

These hardships will test even the most resilient of individuals. You can help by passing on our details to them. We have a designated benefits advisor that can help them to make an application for a bed in our supported housing.

It may be that you know a family member, friend, work colleague or a loved one that is struggling with a drug and alcohol problem. If that is the case, PCP rehab can provide private drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation. An application for supported housing can then be made following their completion of a rehab treatment programme. They can access our supported housing either funded by housing support or by paying privately.

We also consider applications from individuals that have completed a primary treatment programme at a rehab that is not ours, providing they are continuing to work on their recovery.

For Professionals - How You Can Help Your Clients

If you are working in the community drug and alcohol field, probation services or in the private addiction treatment sector and have a client that you feel would benefit from our support housing please contact us with their information. Supported housing can make all the difference to an individual’s continued recovery from drugs and alcohol in the community.

PCP offer a long term solution to drug and alcohol addiction. Too many die as a result of not receiving the correct professional drug and alcohol treatment in time. Help us to help them.